Thesis (2007~)


Academic Year   2017
Name   Naoya MAEKAWA
Title   Studies on immune checkpoint molecules in canine cancers and development of a novel immunotherapy targeting these molecules



Academic Year   2017
Name   Asami NISHIMORI
Title   Research for the development of novel control methods for bovine leukemia virus infection



Academic Year   2017
Name   Nyamusuren OCHIRKHUU
Title   Epidemiological and immunological study for intractable infectious diseases in livestock



Academic Year    2015
Name   Tomohiro OKAGAWA
Title   Studies on T-cell exhaustion mediated by immunoinhibitory receptors in chronic infections in cattle



Academic Year    2013
Name   Ryoyo IKEBUCHI
Title   Studies on Immunoinhibitory Receptor and Viral Antigen Expression in Bovine Leukemia Virus Infection



Academic Year    2013
Name   Naftaly Wang'ombe GITHAKA

Molecular investigation of tick-borne protozoan parasites at the livestock-wildlife interface in Kenya

and evaluation of a candidate anti-tick vaccine antigen



Academic Year    2011
Name   Hirohisa MEKATA
Title   Studies on the molecular epidemiology and pathogenesis of trypanosoma evansi 


Academic Year    2008
Name   Shinji YAMADA
Title   Development of anti-tick vaccine based on male tick molecules



Academic Year    2008
Name   Claro Niegos MINGALA
Title   Comparative immuno-epidemiological assessment of swamp and riverine type water buffaloes



Academic Year    2008
Name   Rika KANO
Title   Studies on Immune responses in chickens infected with virulent and avirulent strains of Marek's disease virus



Academic Year   2007
Name   Shiro MURATA
Title   Studise on the prevalence of virulent Marek's disease virus in wild geese and a factor related to the increased virulence



Academic Year    2007
Name   Tsukasa OKADA
Title   Studies on the mechanisms of T-cell lymphomagenesis caused by Marek's disease virus



Previous Theses (~2006)